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Caring for Californians

Integrated Centers of Excellence

The CADCs, as centers of excellence, are an integrated network serving California as specialty referral clinics providing expert diagnoses and "model clinical care" to patients affected by Alzheimer's disease and other neurological conditions.

  • The centers educate health professionals on how to provide model care for their patients.
  • The expertise of the centers is an important resource for primary care providers who often seek consultation with the specialists at the centers for help with their most challenging and complex cases.

Meeting the Needs of all Californians

The centers also fill the unmet needs of families through service delivery, such as diagnostic clinical services and support groups.

  • The centers make outreach into our communities a priority and focus on providing care to California's underserved populations.
  • They are helping families in times of crisis to understand and accept the diagnosis and learn how to manage the behaviors of the disease.

Helping Patients and Their Families Become Involved

Many patients also benefit through access to promising clinical trials and other research opportunities that can result in treatments, prevention, or improved diagnostic capabilities. While the CADC program does not directly support research, the infrastructure of the integrated program and expert staff provide an important foundation for research funded through federal grants and private foundations.