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The CADCs provide a continuum of care for all Californians, from diagnosis to treatment options to offering patient and caregiver support groups. Support groups, for individuals recently diagnosed, or individuals having had a dementia diagnosis, and their caregivers, provide a forum for education, socialization, and improved ability to cope with symptoms and to help accept the diagnosis.

Living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and caring for someone with dementia impacts every aspect of daily life. One can easily become overwhelmed as Alzheimer’s patients lose one ability after another. Caregivers face tests of stamina, problem-solving, and resiliency. Balancing the enormous task of caring for a cognitively impaired adult with your other responsibilities requires skill, attention, and diligent planning. Individuals with dementia also face significant adjustments in coping with the cognitive, emotional, and social changes.

Support groups are invaluable in helping individuals living with dementia and those who care for them to feel less isolated and better able to cope with the illness.

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