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Professional Training

The CADCs, as centers of excellence, provide model geriatric training which improves the standard of care in all health settings - hospitals, nursing homes, residential care facilities, private practices, and within our communities.

  • Improved care can result in reduced costs with fewer emergency room visits, delayed nursing home placement, and fewer coexisting medical conditions.
  • The CADCs train medical residents, postdocoral fellows, nurses, interns, and medical students in their clinics. Through classroom teaching, inservice trainings and CME events the CADCs reach many more practitioners.

The CADCs have shaped the practice of doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and other providers who now staff hospitals and clinics throughout the state. The following offers a glimpse into the extensive training conducted by the CADCs, however, these numbers do not reflect the extensive educational outreach that all the centers are also involved in:

  • More than 541,000 professionals, residents, post-doctoral students and other healthcare professionals received training from the centers between 2000-2008.
  • On average, over 67,600 professionals, residents, post-doctoral students, and other healthcare professionals receive training each year from the centers.

The training activities provided by the centers are varied.

Training/Educational Activity Participants
Continuing Medical Education 76,013
In-service Training 34,340
Presentations to Professional Groups 143,824
Fellowships/Residencies/Internships 2,047
Rotations/Clerkships 3,368
Academic Classes 11,744
Academic Lectures 39,882
CADC-Organized Conferences 22,463
Presentations / Professional Conferences 207,424