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CADC Mentorship Shapes a Medical Resident's Practice

John Daly, MD, UCSD-San Diego CADC Medical Director

I developed my interest in Geriatrics while rotating through the UCSD-San Diego CADC under the mentorship of Dr. Ed Jackson when I was a resident in Internal Medicine at UCSD. The experience at the UCSD-San Diego CADC was a major factor in my completing a Geriatric Medicine fellowship at UCSD with a special interest in dementia care.

My career has progressed and I am now the medical director of the UCSD-San Diego CADC, the program director for the UCSD Geriatric Medicine fellowship and chair of the San Diego and Imperial County Alzheimer's Association Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.

- John Daly, MD, Medical Director of the the UCSD-San Diego CADC