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Invaluable Comprehensive Supportive Care

When you realize a family member has dementia you expect all the experts to know just what to do for your family member and how to treat them. What is tragic is that many professionals do not have a clear understanding of dementia and the disease of Alzheimer’s. A family member having dementia is a very scary and tragic event. After many attempts at getting help for our mother, we found the best place for treatment and assistance which was at the USC-Rancho CADC.

As an entire family we went to the CADC and were warmly welcomed and treated like family. From the beginning, there was a clear and concise plan as to how to help my mom and our family. The medication changes recommended, the behavior modification suggestions, the advice and the overall concern on my mother’s behalf is something we have and will continue to be forever grateful.

The entire staff was most professional, knowledgeable and helpful. These professionals really “Get This Disease” and train you how to make a better life for your loved one and your family. Many a time, we have had to call with a problem and they were able to find a solution immediately. The advice and concern they have given my mom and our entire family is something we utilize daily in dealing with this difficult journey. If we had never gone to the USC-Rancho CADC, we would have handled this diagnosis with difficulty and our mother would have suffered due to our lack of understanding of the disease and its progression over the years. Our mother would not be in the best condition she is today if it weren’t for their guiding hands and caring hearts.

We continue to fight for the people that suffer this disease and we will continue to praise and hope that more centers can be establish so that all people who need the assistance from this wonderfully dedicated staff will get the help they so rightfully deserve.

- A daughter's story about her 90-year-old mother and their supportive and caring experience with the USC-Rancho CADC