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Dedicated CADC Mentors Influence Career Goals

I am a graduate student in clinical psychology and completed one year of neuropsychology training at the UC Irvine CADC. During my year of training, I had the opportunity to gain invaluable experience working in the growing field of geriatric neuropsychology. I had comprehensive training in administration, scoring, and interpretation of neuropsychological assessments, as well as an extensive education of dementia and related neurological disorders. Many of the skills that I acquired during my training were essential to my professional development as a psychologist and, in fact, greatly influenced my decision to pursue further study in this growing field. Senior Neuropsychologist, Dr. Malcolm Dick, was an incredible supervisor and mentor. He showed a strong desire to see his trainees excel in the knowledge and practice of neuropsychology, and he was consistently invested in our growth. In addition, I admired how each of the staff members at the Institute demonstrated a sincere desire to help the patients and families feel comfortable and cared for throughout the evaluation process. The staff also displayed friendliness and patience to all who entered the office. Overall, one of the things that impacted me most about the Institute was seeing how the work being done greatly impacted the lives of the patients and families as they struggled with issues related to memory impairments. Even though my time as a trainee was limited, I felt as though the work I was doing was extremely influential in the lives of the patients I interacted with. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have trained at the Institute and will carry what I learned with me throughout the rest of my professional career.

- A clinical psychology graduate student writing about their training experience at the UC Irvine CADC